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alcarol - Avalanche Console 2016 -10
Avalanche Console
Undergrowth Collection

The European Larch tree is native to the Alps. It's very cold tolerant, able to survive winter temperatures down to at least -50 °C, and is among the tree line trees in these mountains, reaching 2500...

alcarol-Fungi Console_part4
Fungi Console
Fungi Collection

The Fungi Wood Console is made of a single wood plank obtained from an abandoned Beech log with its populations of fungi, recovered in the Italian Dolomite forest.  The plank is cut into two parts with a very thin blade and then joined so...

Bent Console
Bricola Collection

The Bent Console is made from a single Briccola wood plank, cut into three parts with a very thin blade. The edges of the plank are preserved in a transparent resin similar to the lagoon water that has...

Canal Console
Bricola Collection

In Venice, each canal has unique characteristics. Over the centuries man and elements have defined its aspect. Walking through the alleys, changing perspective or waiting for a change in the rays of the sun, this...

Alcarol Undergrowth Collection - Trail Console sans stool - 1
Trail Console
Undergrowth Collection

alcarol recovered some logs from the undergrowth of the Italian Dolomite mountains and cut planks that preserve the natural edges with their native populations of mosses, which are embedded in a resin resembling the water...