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Stump Stool

Undergrowth Collection
/ Side Tables
/ Stools

The story behind

alcarol recover discarded pieces of logs from the undergrowth of the Italian Dolomite mountains and preserve the natural bark surface with their native populations of plants, which are embedded in a resin resembling the water that generated their life.

The design engages with the alcarol’s concept of environmental cross-section. By filling the gaps with resin, alcarol achieves a new functionality with the poetic choice to freeze time at the end of the material’s cycle and giving it a new life before it goes to waste.

The section planes – through touch, sight and olfaction of different materials – allow to transcend the ordinary perception of a place.


30 x 30 x H 45 cm / Custom Sizes Available


Solid WOOD,
Natural MOSSES,
Extraclear Polished RESIN,
Swivel CASTORS or FELT hidden at the bottom.