Canal Console - alcarol
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Canal Console

Bricola Collection
/ Consoles

The story behind

In Venice, each canal has unique characteristics. Over the centuries man and elements have defined its aspect. Walking through the alleys, changing perspective or waiting for a change in the rays of the sun, this millennial environment takes different expressions. Canal wants to reproduce this experience: an integrated sensor detects the passage of people and activates a light source hidden inside the metal base, so the light reaches the aquamarine resin and gives us the thrill of a ray of sunlight filtered through the lagoon waters. The natural live edge wood obtained from the Venetian poles are bring again beneath the water’s surface, freezing time at the end of its cycle and giving it a new life before it goes to waste.  alcarol has patented an innovative process capable of filling only the empty spaces of the wood with a special transparent resin and capturing the underwater air bubbles that bring the wood back to the original look and conditions, allowing to transcend the ordinary perception of a place.



Rossana Orlandi Gallery _ Milan
Milan Design Week 2014


135 x 40 x H 95 cm / Customizable Sizes, Design and Finishes


Bricola Solid Oak WOOD, Extraclear Polished RESIN - Colorless or Aquamarine -
Burnished STEEL Base, Integrated LED System Under the Top