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Bedrock Collection


“Is a mountain only a huge stone? Is a planet an enormous mountain?”

Stanislaw Lem

In geology, Bedrock is the consolidated rock at the surface of the Earth or other terrestrial planets.
In mountainous regions, Bedrock can be seen at the surface, but if all soil or other superficial deposits were removed it would be possible to see a solid geologic map of an area that usually show the distribution of different bedrock types.

Anyway, Bedrock is rock “in place”, as opposed to material that has been transported from another location by weathering and erosion, so it’s the unquestionably, authentic and ancient Genius Loci of a place.

Bedrock Collection aims to capture the complex relief of some Italian lands like the Dolomite Mountains, Karst regions or Sienese Hills, which are rich in forms and the result of a successful and harmonious combination of structural shapes and climatic conditions.

This unique and dynamic landscape is in constant geomorphological evolution, starting from the Miocene period, when rock layers began to emerge from the sea in which they had sedimented.

alcarol retrieved blocks of local stone from various Italian quarries, often discarded pieces due to the presence of irregular outer crust. These stones are often partially covered with native mosses and lichens giving it a surface that captures the real vegetation of a place.

In the section planes are clearly visible the different layers of geological sedimentation.

alcarol has preserved its outer “skin” and natural cavities marked by time using a resin resembling the water in which these stones lay submerged through various geological eras, freezing the present instant and endowing the pieces with new functionality and new design.

Bedrock Products