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Marble Ways Collection

The worktops of Italian quarries and marble processing labs consist of wood planks which are continuously scratched by huge circular blades used to cut blocks of stone.

Repeated cuts produce also powdered and granulated marble that – through the water used to cool the steel blades – is deposited between the myriad slits on the wood, creating a kind of unusual and irregular checkerboard similar to an urban planning model of a future metropolis, with crossroads, squares, buildings and uncountable ways.

Once consumed by the blades, these wooden planks are replaced and become waste. The collection draws inspiration from this timber so rich in history and wants to give it a second life.

Each piece is unique and characterized by the type of marble that was worked on it during the last cuts, in fact the sedimentary powder unites colours of natural stone with those of wood.

Like the water flow of the cutting operations, a transparent resin is poured on the uneven wood surface to encapsulate marble residues and level all the roughness, freezing time preserving the materials from degrading agents. A poetic license which also allows to obtain an excellent and durable functionality.

In line with the story of the materials used, the metal basis of these pieces are inspired by the blades used for cutting stones, made of laser cut sheet steel and assembled by simple joints.

alcarol always seeks to identify the spirit and the essence of a place to obtain an unordinary understanding: in this collection, the result of the various processes is a flat and functional surface that allows the preservation and the appreciation of the history of this characteristic pattern, result of countless human workings.

The pieces of this collection transcend the ordinary perception of these workplaces: the surfaced old wood wants to be touched, and the transparency of the resin in the grooves invites to explore and lead through the marble ways.

Marble Ways Products