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Coffee Table

Side Tables
/ Marble Ways Collection

The story behind

The Marble Ways Coffee Table is made of three boards of a worktop of an Italian marble processing lab which was continuously scratched by huge circular blades used to cut blocks of stone.

Like the water flow of the cutting operations, a transparent resin is poured on the uneven wood surface to encapsulate marble residues and level all the roughness.

In line with the story of the material used, the metal base of this piece is inspired by the blades used for cutting stones, made of laser cut sheet steel and assembled by simple joints.


Rossana Orlandi Gallery _ Milan
Milan Design Week 2015


70 x 100 x H 42 cm / Customizable Sizes, Design and Finishes


Solid WOOD,
White Carrara MARBLE Powder,
Extraclear Polished RESIN,
X-shape laser cut sheet STEEL base.
The available Marble Powder colors are: Black Ebano, White Carrara, Grey Bardiglio, Rose Corallo, Green Alpi.