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Fungi Inclined Stool/Side table

Side Tables
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The story behind

Fungi Inclined Stools are made from a single wood plank, cut into two parts with a very thin blade. The board is held together by the resin leak in the center.

The final stages in the life cycle of a tree attracts specialised fungi organisms which attack the wood breaking down the tough lignin layer that protects it.

Fungi are in the air. They just await the opportunity to take advantage of the right conditions to grow and transform the organic matter. Wood decay fungi is always unique. No two pieces are exactly the same because there’s precise time, place and environmental conditions for its genesis.



40 x 40 x H 45 cm Customizable Sizes, Design and Finishes


Fungi Solid WOOD, Extraclear FROSTED RESIN, ICJ Invisible Corner Joining, Burnished STEEL Base.