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HORIZONS Pouf / Low Tables

Geomorphic 2023
/ Side Tables
/ Stools

The story behind

Horizons is a reflection on Planetary Geology, a science discipline concerned with the geology and internal structure of celestial bodies such as planets and their moons.

The geo prefix typically indicates topics of or relating to our planet Earth, and this project aims to illustrate – through abstraction – how similar the geomorphologies of other planets can be. Finally surprising us with an unexpected softness, a completely human pleasure.

The shapes of the reliefs derive from three-dimensional files of some areas of the Italian Alps, made more abstract and mixed with other planetary geologies.

The vertical sides are an abstract representation of typical geological stratigraphies of the solar system planets, where the top surface is soft Nubuck genuine leather, the lower part is recycled soft polyurethane foam, covered with a thin layer of soft rubber mixed with stone powder and real soils which make the colors and textures always unique and completely organic.



60 x 90 x H 24 cm / 58 x 67 x H 34 cm / 74 x 54 x H 44 cm / 45 x 45 x H 53 cm


Top: Genuine Leather / Velvet (optionally, various types and colors available). Padding: stress resistant Polyurethane Foam. Vertical protective coating: Transparent Rubber mixed with Stone Powder and Real Soils (various types and colors available). Hidden bottom structure: MDF board with felt/teflon pads. Customizable Leather / Velvet Type and Colours Customizable Rubber Sides: Textures and Colours