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Ø GRAVITY Bookshelf

Geomorphic 2023
/ Shelves

The story behind

Ø GRAVITY is a self supporting bookshelf, allowing for free positioning and multi-directional stability, playing in an apparent absence of gravity.

It is a tension structure offering maximum structural integrity and fundamental clarity in the use of materials. It aims to overcome the conventions of a static orthogonal balance.

With its apparently precarious balance, it is a refined juxtaposition between visual instability and actual stability, it is a dizzying challenge to the force of gravity, the expression of a profound aspiration to a transparent, metaphysical lightness.

The system joins the wood sides and tempered glass shelves through simple and totally reversible dry joints, which are kept in place by the mere tension of a metallic cable inserted within grooves running along the sides in such a way that it constitutes a brace in the shape of Saint Andrew’s Cross, which in itself guarantees the static multi-directional balance of the entire structure.

Thanks to its adjustable structure, its multi directional stability and the high number of glass holder grooves specifically made on the sides, it is easily convertible into a multitude of configurations.

Tilting the shelves as required, and taking advantage of the variable angles of the sides, books can be stored neatly by simply utilising the Earth’s force of gravity which keeps them leaning against each other. In this way the longstanding problem of books chain-falling is finally resolved without bookends.

The wood have the external sides finely carved in bas-relief, with an organic pattern that recalls the surfaces of planets and meteorites.

The metal tie rods are in heat-treated stainless steel and their dichroic colors give way to an aerospace look.



272 x 38 x H 222 cm


Sapele Mahogany Wood, Tempered Glass, Heat Treated Stainless Steel