Video - alcarol
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Geomorphic 2023 aims to investigate the morphology of Earth and planets’ elements, analyzing the shapes that make up the reliefs of a land, investigating the origin and the evolution as well as the geological processes that shape and transform it over time.
The surface matter is the one that is normally revealed, but only by going deeper we can fully understand the processes and forces that generated it.
Planet X Table is a reflection around human visual perception of Nature and Cosmos, a play with the process by which the physical energy received by sense organs forms the basis of perceptual experience.color changes with intricate patterns of amazing dark lines
Lava stool is made of Lava rocks from the Etna volcano on the island of Sicily, Italy, one of the world’s most active volcanoes with eruptions occurring beneath the sea since about 500,000 years ago.
A wetland is a planetary ecosystem that is saturated with water, which in some cases preserves organic materials – such as wood – for millennia.
Ø GRAVITY is a self supporting bookshelf, allowing for free positioning and multi-directional stability, playing in an apparent absence of gravity.
Horizons is a reflection on Planetary Geology, a science discipline concerned with the geology and internal structure of celestial bodies such as planets and their moons.
The shapes of the reliefs derive from three-dimensional files of some areas of the Italian Alps, made more abstract and mixed with other planetary geologies.
SLOPE is more than an armchair. The geo prefix typically indicates topics of or relating to our planet Earth, and this project aims to illustrate – through abstraction – how similar the geomorphologies of other planets can be. Finally surprising us with an unexpected softness, a completely human pleasure.
The Fungi Collection is born in the Dolomite forest, where specialised fungi organisms colonize the wood matter creating some of the most dramatic and beautiful wood color changes with intricate patterns of amazing dark lines
Phellem Collection is inspired by the outermost layer of the tree bark and its incredibly fascinating biodiversity unveiling any range of colors and the most unimaginable textures.
The Marble Ways Collection aims to capture the unusual atmospheres of some impressive Italian workplaces by freezing time at the end of the material’s life cycle, thereby giving it a new life.
The Ocean Networks Collection aims to represent one of the main problems submerged in the oceans of our planet: the ghost nets.
640,000 tons of fishing nets are abandoned in our oceans every year, turning millions of sea creatures into victims.
The Bricola Collection is born in Venice, where the wooden poles have endured decades of weathering. Alcarol brings the material beneath the water’s surface, freezing time at the end of its cycle and giving it a new life before it goes to waste.