Undergrowth - alcarol
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Undergrowth Collection

A refreshing and extraordinary walk through the incredible
variety of shapes and colors of the dolomite forest

“Only with a leaf can I talk of the forest,”

Visar Zhiti

Mosses and lichens are very primitive organisms that grow in damp places, including rocks and trees. They form the lowest layer of forest vegetation and are equipped with chlorophyll giving them a green colour of varying degrees of intensity.

alcarol recovered some logs from the undergrowth of the Italian Dolomite mountains and cut planks preserving the natural bark surface and live edges with their native populations of plants, which are encased in a special resin resembling the water that generated their life.

In the Dolomite mountains, loggers cut down trees following precise business logics according to local regulations. Some parts of the tree are not suitable for sawmills and then are discarded or left to rot in the woods. These pieces are very organic, full of life, and authentically reflect the real nature of their habitat.
The project engages with the alcarol concept of environmental cross-section. By filling the gaps with resin, alcarol achieves a new functionality freezing time at the end of the material’s cycle and giving it a new life before it dissolves into the ecosystem.

Undergrowth Products