Surfacing Stump - alcarol
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Surfacing Stump

Side Tables
/ Coffee Tables
/ Stools
/ Undergrowth Collection

The story behind

After the terrible flood of 2018, alcarol has recovered some discarded pieces of logs from the undergrowth of the Italian Dolomite mountains and has preserved the natural bark surface with their native populations of plants, which are embedded in a resin resembling the water that created and ended his life. All environmental traces on the raw material are thoroughly studied to discover and preserve the specific Genius Loci.
According to the alcarol concept of environmental cross-section, the natural wood surface is not covered by resin on the section planes, so you can touch its warm organic vibrancy.
The couple of twin pieces are obtained from the same Acacia trunk, rich in amazing roots.


Collect at Saatchi Gallery, London


Ø45 H45 and Ø45 H40 cmCustomizable Sizes, Design and Finishes


Solid Acacia WOOD, Natural MOSSES, Extraclear Polished RESIN, FELT hidden at the bottom. Natural Wood surface not covered by resin on the section planes. Selective wood coating with matt natural effect.

Exclusive Edition for Mint