6:44 AM HORIZONS _ Mirror Seat - alcarol
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6:44 AM HORIZONS _ Mirror Seat

Geomorphic 2023
/ Benches
/ Stools
/ Complements

The story behind

6:44 AM HORIZONS is an exploration around human perception of landscapes, with an eye towards sky and space.

alcarol’s research expands on the concept of horizons by emphasizing the importance of the sky in defining them. The design integrates elements of mountains, sky, and cosmos, blending them with abstract representations of planetary geologies.

The seat, made of verdigris velvet, reflects the Italian Alps while incorporating textures inspired by other planets. This abstraction aims to highlight the similarities between Earth and other celestial bodies, surprising viewers with unexpected softness.

The piece evokes the pre-sunrise copper dawn sky, using a mirrored steel with burnished an copper patinas representing a cloudy sunrise and invoking the atmosphere of other planets. The material used is intentionally unconventional, sometimes appearing frozen or suspended, adding to the dreamy contemplation of the piece.

YEAR OF PRESENTATION : 2024 Rossana Orlandi Gallery _ Milan Design Week


45 x 51 x H. 195 cm Customizable Sizes, Design and Finishes


Mirror Polished Steel with Cloudy effects obtained with Burnished and Coppered Patinas. Soft Pouf: Top: Velvet Padding: stress resistant Polyurethane Foam Vertical protective coating: Transparent Rubber mixed with Stone Powder and Real Soils (various types and colours available).