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Crystal Maple

Side Tables
/ Coffee Tables
/ Undergrowth Collection

The story behind
Crystalline mineral solids are commonly recognized by their shape, consisting of flat faces with sharp angles, where the atoms form a periodic arrangement.
The Crystal Wood Trio is inspired by the process of crystal formation and growth that extends in many directions and heights, with the aim to connect the organic shapes of wood with the rigid geometries of the minerals.

A special crystalline resin fill the gaps between the wood live edges completing the prisms and preserving their story.
The burnished steel bases recalls the art of securely setting crystals into jewelry.


Rossana Orlandi Gallery _ Milan Milan Design Week 2018


85 x 75 x H 30 cm Customizable Sizes, Design and Finishes


Solid Maple WOOD Extraclear Polished RESIN, Burnished STEEL Base. Natural wood surface not covered by resin on the section planes. Selective wood coating with matt natural effect.