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Fungi Console

Fungi Collection
/ Consoles

The story behind

The Fungi Wood Console is made of a single wood plank obtained from an abandoned Beech log with its populations of fungi, recovered in the Italian Dolomite forest.  The plank is cut into two parts with a very thin blade and then joined so that in the corners the fungal woodgrain matches perfectly like a single bent piece, and also the resin – through a special process – is a single piece and not seen separations between horizontal and vertical resin edges. The invisible corner joining by alcarol is also suitable for tables, benches, shelves and other similar types on request.

The natural wood live edges are frozen in a special extraclear resin resembling the winter ice that blocked the fungal activity. The transient beauty of Nature becomes eternal.

One of the outstanding effects of the early stages of wood decay is the fungi texture inside the matter of the tree: the fungal growth can create some of the most dramatic and beautiful wood color changes with regions of discoloration and intricate patterns of amazing dark lines, adding a new dimension to the woodgrain. Wood decay fungi is always unique. No two pieces are exactly the same because there’s precise time, place and environmental conditions for its genesis.



135 x 35 x H 85 cm Customizable Sizes, Design and Finishes


Beech WOOD with FUNGI Texture, Extraclear RESIN, Burnished STEEL Leg Natural Wood surface not covered by resin on the section planes. Selective wood coating with matt natural effect.