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Huxley was an abandoned door in a old warehouse. Old fir core, hidden by five coats of paint, differently pigmented, patinas of the time,of the uses and the traditions. Due to its insufficient height, it could not find its home. Huxley is now a convertible table. On  one side, totally polished from every coats of paint, up to the wood,  with diamond cut and framed mirrors and with original exposed joints.

On the other side, the mirrors keep their coats of paint, sprawling removed using a borderline technique between  decollage and graffiti. The results are two abstract paintings, protected by a casting of a transparent resin that covers the hollows ,up to the frame level,completely flattening this side. It is possible, at any time, to turn the table surface upside down and lock it at the bottom, using its original wrought iron joints. Both  wooden surfaces and base, made of bent iron and naturally oxidized, are refined with beeswax.

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