Fluctus Suspension Lamp - alcarol
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Fluctus Suspension Lamp

Ocean Networks Collection
/ Complements

The story behind

Fluctus Lamp is made of some coloured nets from the oceans melted together with ECONYL®, the translucent regenerated nylon produced through an innovative and sustainable chemical process that regenerate waste such as fishing and aquaculture nets and other nylon waste.

The illuminated surfaces represent the ocean seen from an underwater view, and the light coming from above filters and passes through the surface, creating light effects through the material.
Fluctus Lamp has been designed in such a way that the light intensity can be changed and light animations can be set using an app to be installed on any smartphone, with the aim of creating infinite and personal underwater light scenarios.
Through the transparency and light reflections of ECONYL®, the coloured fishing nets seem to float, dramatically tangled as in the real oceans, as an abstract reflection about the fragile condition of our oceans.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon PA6, 8x Led 1,5 W each, Bluetooth Contollable DIMMER


Ro Plastic Prize _ 2020 Milano Design City 2020


130 x 70 x H 210 cm Customizable Sizes