Abyss Lamp - alcarol
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Abyss Lamp

Bricola Collection
/ Complements

The story behind

Abyss is a real immersion in a Venetian canal. Touching the metal base you can see the scene with different light intensities, variables such as the weather and the sun in the historic lagoon city.  So when the light reaches the aquamarine resin gives us the thrill of a ray of sunlight filtered through the Lagoon waters, and capturing the underwater air bubbles that bring the wood back to its original place.  The piece of wood is a real fragment of Bricola, that are the famous timber poles planted in the Lagoon seabed. The result is like a submerged cross-section of this extraordinary uderwater world.


Rossana Orlandi Gallery _ Milan
Milan Design Week 2014


12 x 12 x H 25 cm
15 x 15 x H 30 cm
19 x 19 x H 37 cm / Customizable Sizes, Design and Finishes


Bricola Solid Oak WOOD, Extraclear Polished RESIN - Colorless or Aquamarine -
Burnished STEEL Base, Integrated LED system, dimmer metal touch.