Chess Side Table - alcarol
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Chess Side Table

Side Tables
/ Phellem Collectiom

The story behind
Phellem is the outermost layer of the tree bark, and this collection treatise on its incredibly fascinating biodiversity.
When bark is damaged a natural defense mechanism intervenes, a complex liquid substance hardens in contact with air creating a sort of conservative barrier keeping the vital wood layers away from bacteria, fungi and parasites. It’s the resin.
In a similar way, alcarol preserves the bark of different species covering them with an innovative bio-sourced transparent resin, functional declination of the tree’s natural process.
This flat and clear layer allows you to appreciate the intact botanical variety of the organic matter, frozen as it appears in its original habitat.
The interlocking compositions refer to the ancient wood inlay technique and the project aims to enhance the biodiversity overcoming the classic schematism of the black&white chessboard.
The asymmetrical design gives functional versatility, since the metal base can slide under the sofa.

Salone Satellite 2017 _ Milan


50 x 70 x H 64 cm
Customizable Sizes, Design and Finishes


Birch BARKS -various types and species- ,
Extraclear Epoxy RESIN Formulation 34% bio-sourced,
Burnished STEEL Base