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alcarol-Fungi Screen_part3
Fungi Screen
Fungi Collection

The Fungi Screen is made of four wood boards obtained by sawing dead Beech trees with their native populations of fungal colonies, recovered in the Italian Dolomite forest. The vertical arrangement seems to evoke the original forest trees, according to the...

Burano Plate
Bricola Collection

Burano is an island in the Lagoon of Venice, famous for its lace. This plate is created with a slice of Bricola wood, the traditional timber pole planted in the Lagoon seabed, characterized by the tunnels carved...

Abyss Lamp
Bricola Collection

Abyss is a real immersion in a Venetian canal. Touching the metal base you can see the scene with different light intensities, variables such as the weather and the sun in the historic lagoon city....

Water Bright Lamp
Bricola Collection

Water Bright is a fragment, a synthesis of the millennial relationship between wood and water. It ‘s the story of the profound and romantic rapport that develops between these two elements in Venice. The light of variable intensity reveals the...

Susanna Island
Bricola Collection

Susanna is an imaginary island created with a slice of Bricola wood immersed into a volume of aquamarine resin resembling the Venetian salt water that soaked this wood for decades. The surface is modulated by full and empty...