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Woodpile Shelving

Undergrowth Collection
/ Shelves

The story behind

The Woodpile Shelving – made from three mossy planks – is a self-supporting structure looking for utmost essentiality. With its apparently precarious balance, it is a refined dispute between visual instability and actual stability. It is a dizzying challenge to the force of gravity, the expression of a profound aspiration to a transparent, metaphysical lightness, as trees blowing in the breeze. The structure is reduced to a minimum: three slender steel rods passing through and supporting the shelves. Embedded in the wood is a hidden mechanism that locks into place the pieces of the vertical metal rod – giving them the appearance of a single rod – and providing stability to the structure. The assembly is incredibly simple and without use of tools, according to the minimalist nature of this piece.


190 x 40 x H 90 cm / Custom Sizes Available


Solid WOOD,
Natural MOSSES,
Extraclear Polished RESIN,
burnished STEEL rods.